Our Activities

Annual Golf Tournament

Every year, our community comes together to organize a golf tournament with the purpose of raising funds for victims of human-wildlife conflict. This event serves as a platform to bring awareness to the challenges faced by those affected by the continuous struggle between humans and wildlife. Through the generous contributions and participation of golf enthusiasts, we are able to provide financial support to individuals and communities impacted by these conflicts. The tournament not only offers a day of exciting competition on the golf course but also creates an opportunity for people to connect, share stories, and develop a deeper understanding of the importance of coexistence between humans and wildlife. Together, we strive to alleviate the hardships faced by those caught in this complex issue and work towards finding sustainable solutions for a harmonious relationship between humans and wildlife.

Gala Dinner

The gala dinner is being organized as a means to raise funds for the ongoing issue of human-wildlife conflict. This event aims to bring together individuals from various backgrounds who are passionate about conservation and the protection of wildlife. Through the generous contributions of guests, the funds raised will be utilized to support initiatives that mitigate conflicts between humans and wildlife and promote sustainable coexistence. The dinner will feature a delightful menu prepared by renowned chefs, ensuring a memorable culinary experience for all attendees. Additionally, there will be captivating guest speakers who will shed light on the importance of addressing this pressing issue. The gala dinner promises to be an evening filled with compassion, awareness, and a shared commitment towards resolving the human-wildlife conflict.


The marathon is a fundraising event aimed at mitigating human-wildlife conflict. This event brings together individuals from various backgrounds to raise awareness and funds for this pressing issue. Human-wildlife conflict is a growing concern in many parts of the world, as it often leads to the loss of both human and animal lives. By organizing this marathon, we hope to not only generate financial support but also spread knowledge and encourage dialogue on how to coexist with wildlife in a sustainable manner. The funds raised will be utilized to implement effective measures such as building protective barriers, creating awareness campaigns, and supporting local communities affected by this conflict. Together, we can make a difference and create a safer environment for both humans and wildlife.